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Tweedie & Associates; A Vet’s perspective on saddlefitting

As well as being a Saddle Maker, as a Saddle Fitter it is extremely important to be up to date with your knowledge of what is going on around you!

Michael & Lara Tweedie ride in Peter Horobin Saddles and are always coming into the shop for a chat, attending our social evenings or we are always crossing paths consulting the same clients. We have to all work together to help you and your horse live a happy healthy lifestyle.  Not only do people have to earn their qualifications in both the Saddle fitting & Vetinarary field, on the job experience is vital & can differentiate between a professional who is qualified & a professional who is experienced AND qualified.

Both organisations have had over 30 years out in the field, always learning and never giving up in what we believe in. equine back health.
Tweedie & Associates  Equine Veterinary Services are a well established, professional, caring and supportive veterinary practice who provide a large spectrum of services including

  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasounds
  • Lameness Diagnosis & Management
  • Endoscopy & Electrocardiography
  • IRAP Joint Therepy
  • Internal Medicine & Equine Reproduction
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Pre Purchase Examinations
  • Stem cell Therapy, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Certification & Castration

Michaelwith a M.A.,VetMB, MRCVS  at the University of Cambridge, England & Lara with  BVSc (Hons) at Sydney University  (also in the process of manufacturing & selling  a fantastic NEW line of  racehorse supplements) are taking the country by storm with their honest, hard-working dealings.  As saddlefitting and the issues that can come of it are more than common in a Vet’s field Michael has kindly written an article about Saddle Fitting performance from a Vets perspective!

Lara Tweedie with Mark Todd's Horse Gandalf at Shatin 2008 Olympics

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Adjusting a Peter Horobin saddle on site at a saddlefitting

Having an eye for saddles and the way they fit on the horse is not a talent you learn overnight. It takes years of experience to be able to not only identify but to alter the saddle correctly. Below is a visual example of an incorrect saddle fit and with a little adjustment how much it can change a riders position for the better. Rhys (who has now finished his 5 year apprenticeship) performed this saddle fit with Peter and made necessary adjustments.

You can see the saddle tipping forward on the horse this will cause the rider to be unbalanced and fall forward on the saddle

You can see the saddle tipping forward on the horse this will cause the rider to be unbalanced and fall forward on the saddle it could also cause discomfort around the horse’s scapula

After adjusting the saddle on site at the saddle fitting with a gullet machine you can now see that the saddle is balanced and will allow the rider to have a correct position in the saddle.

After adjusting the saddle on site at the saddle fitting with a gullet machine you can see now that the saddle is balanced and will allow the rider to sit balanced and not be tipped forward.

If you think your saddle looks like the first image in this series give us a call on (03) 59751055 and we will be able to talk you through the steps to help you.
Alternatively check out our online saddle fitting form
Or please ask questions below and we can elaborate on this saddle fitting further


The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival – A great weekend for the family…

The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival… What a great weekend.. It is unusual that myself or the family get to attend a show as spectators only! After wanting to go have a look for many years we finally were able to jump in the car and venture up to Korryong about 2 hours from Jindabyne to go and experience this festival everyone seems to be talking about! The trade stand areas were a mixture of main stream and unique enterprises and it brought back memories of when Peter Horobin Sadddlery started out.. I saw some young men working away to make the most beautiful whips they were all excited about their new business venture and were proudly aussie bred and made! Good on em!
The Man From Snowy River Championship was the highlight of the day watching the different aspects of the compeition it was great!

What i was most intrigued about was the fact that there seemed to be so many country men and women who i would imagine live on big stations, in country towns up in the hills who are wanting to know more about saddle fitting, listening to the seminars etc that were provided on the day.. and why wouldnt they?? When you have a horse that you work with everyday and you live in an area that may take 1 hour to go and get the paper you want to be able to provide yourself with the best knowledge to be able to adjust or help yourself in the saddle fitting department… If there are customers out there who are finding trouble with locating correct information about saddle fitting and what you can do to recognise your horse in pain.. Call us and ask us as we would be more than happy to help you out with the information you need to go about your day.

My other question is who would like to see us exhibiting at the Man From Snowy River Festival? I reckon we could pull out the swags for a few days and enjoy the cheap beers and pub mills of the festival weekend! My reccomondation definately take a trip up there to see what it is all about!

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Repairing Saddles

Peter Horobin Saddlery completes repairs on all brands of saddles.
If you would like a repair done on your saddle or a quote please contact us before sending your saddle down as it is important to book it in to ensure a quick turnaround and an estimate of costs.
photo 8
Repairs include:
Replacing the regular or dressage length girth points
Adjusting the flocking (the wool stuffing in the saddle panels)
Re-stitching or lacing in the pommel or cantle
Replacing leather/foam of seats and knee pads
Tree repair/replacement
Gullet changes
Miscellaneous repairs on saddles individually quoted.

Please don’t send your saddle down without notifying PHS first.

If you are not sure whether you need your saddle altered, complete our online saddle fitting form for an assesment from Peter for you and your horse’s saddle. You can find this on our website

Fill out the saddlefitting form and have your saddle assessed on our website for $49.95 OR check the Travel Diary for when we will be in your location.


Boneo Park Credit Suisse CDI 3*

brett parbery in the ph parbery saddle at the boneo park CDI 3*

brett parbery in the ph parbery saddle at the boneo park CDI 3*

peter horobin with Australia's top dressage riders

Peter Horobin at the Boneo Park Credit Suisse CDI 3* with some of Australia’s top dressage riders.

Boneo Park CDI was a great success. The Australia Day long weekend consisted of many riders competing, trade stands exhibiting and spectators watching and shopping. Peter Horobin Saddlery exhibited, sponsored and saddle fitted throughout the show. The weather was perfect, the exhibitors were well looked by the organisers and were impressed with the smooth running event.

The weekend featured a masterclass/secret men’s business featuring Thor Vanderberg, Brett Parbery and David Shoobridge giving each other lessons throughout the hoursfeatured. Along with the CDI Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special & Grand Prix Freestyle sponsored by Peter Horobin Saddlery. It was great to see the riders spending their vouchers that they won and we really appreciated the thankyou’s we received for sponsoring the event.

Overall a smooth running competition. Congratulations to Fiona Mcnaught and the boneo team for organising the weekend. See you all at Dressage With the Stars!


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