Second Hand Saddles For Sale

Second Hand Saddles For Sale! All fully adjustble. All Peter Horobin! Prices are negotiable so please call us and email us with a photo of your horse and we will be able to tell whether it will be suitable for you.


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6 thoughts on “Second Hand Saddles For Sale

  1. lyn plumridge on said:

    I would like to purchase, a second hand PH, saddle. I have a 1st x quarter mare,15 h, 8 year old. A bit on the wide side. And a 16 h stock horse x thoroughbred, pally, gelding 6 year old, average size.I. know both horses a bit different in size, I want a saddle that fits pally best but is able to be use on quarter horse mare. I do not have a huge amount of finances but I am able to purchase may be one second hand saddleI am having some lessons with Manolo, having one on Friday, and over the next few months. Yours sincerely Lyn.

  2. brooke on said:

    hi, i am buying my second saddle as my last saddle is about 20 years old and my TB hates it !! I have ridden in a liberty and a pirouette my horse is very sensitive i liked both as did he , but i can only find a couple of grande ? saddles around how similar are they . I have tried heaps of saddles but he has not liked any. including trainers, Passoa, Keffier, Prestige, Bates . the only ones he has liked other than PH was Luc Childeric price is a issue with a budget of under $1500 can you please let me know if the grande would suit please thank you or if you know of a pirouette for sale regards Brooke

    • Hi Brooke,

      The best way to proceed and recieve some expert advice is to email us on with a photo of your horse so we can have a look at his shape and then we can provide you with some advice from there. We have a couple of second hand saddles in that price range so im sure we will be able to help you with something.

      best wishes


  3. Jo Leane on said:

    Grande saddle with the deep seat what size is it.

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