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Saddle Fitting Seminar – Tasmania

The saddle fitting seminar in Tasmania was a great couple of days. We are very thankful that one of our loyal customers Jo Pickett from the north of Tasmania (who rides in a PH Liberty) hosted and organised both days of the seminar.

With over 30 people attending all of whom were horse enthusiasts or equine professionals I spoke about saddle fitting, how to recognise your horse in pain and what to do about it.

It isn’t about selling saddles for me when i am doing my lectures it is about educating people about saddle fitting and providing them with the opportunity to get answers to many questions they have about saddle fitting.

I really enjoyed this trip, not only was i teaching but i was learning something off all of those who were there, it was a great day of knowledge exchange and as a saddler and being in the business for 30 years i came away very pleased and satisfied with the amount of knowledge, passion and dedication everyone had for their horses and their clients in relation to saddle fitting.


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2 Responses to Saddle Fitting Seminar – Tasmania

  1. Lisa says:

    I didn’t attend this one in Sept, but the one in Nov at Jo’s place. I found it to be extremely informative, and gave me quite a few ideas to help fit my hard to fit mare. Peter and his wife were extremely pleasant and helpful and took the time to talk with you. I loved the PH Liberty saddle – it’s definately the way of the future. I’ve told the hubby to put it on my Xmas list for next year :-P

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