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A sincere thankyou to Dr Joanna Robson From Inspiritus Equine for coming out to Australia once again for Equitana to be a guest speaker, and to promote her practice.

After many dinners talking about equine back health and planning our lecture, we had truly the best crowd we have had in a long time! Everyone was so receptive, interested, and agreeable to what we were showing them! I am so thrilled to show our clients the missing link of what was upset, chaos and confusion over which saddle you should use, who to listen to, and what to look for in a saddle that DOESN’T FIT!

For a sneak peek, see the three images below! Yes it is a real horse’s scapula, which unfortunately I had to throw out, as after a year in the freezer, I had tried to vacuum pack it, but it wasnt enough to keep out the smell from 39 degree Sydney heat! A very humorous joke between the family & Joanna found it extremely funny, I was just sad, as I could no longer use it in my lectures due to the horrible stench! However I did take photos!

Below you can see from left to right

1. Saddle tree which if not fitting correctly can DIG into the horse’s scapula, and cause irreversible damage

2. The Adaptree(r) which is a patent design, allowing COMPLETE shoulder freedom movement, curved away from the scapula, and extremely flexible, moving with the horse as he bends and flexes.

3. The difference between a standard tree and the Adaptree(r)

I won’t explain much more as i think you should see the video for yourself! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the link to watch the seminar in HD courtesy of EQ Life Magazine.

Testimonials from the Lecture! THANKYOU!

  • My friend and I attended one of your talks and spoke to your son after, we were so thrilled to have such important information right in front of us, it was fantastic! Thankyou
  • I am a big advocate for having a saddle correctly fitted to my horse so the Saddlefit4life presentation was very informative.. thankyou
  • After seeing your presentations at EQUITANA, I realize that this is the type of saddle our horse would benefit greatly from.
    I currently have a quality saddle that I have had fitted 3 times by a prominent SA Saddle Fitter, but my horse still gets a sore back. I finally got a different saddle fitter who discovered it sits too far back past the last rib therefore giving him  a continuous sore back.
    Your presentation supported this, which was a great help.
  • Thank you for your presentation it was extremely insightful.
  • Hi Team Horobin, I have just returned from Equitana, and what started as an education process last year, got another boost along this year. I am now convinced that my current saddle (despite several attempts, and new saddle) is not fitting my horse correctly, and I am dedicated to finding the right solution for my horse to ensure his comfort.
  • Dear PH Saddlery,
    After watching Saddlefit4Life I was really inspired by your saddles and how much care you took in fitting the needs of both horse and rider. My horse is incredibly hard to fit! He is a big 16.2hh thoroughbred with a high and very long wither. He has a big chest but really falls away after the shoulder. Since I have had him he has picked up 60kg in the last 8 months. I adore him to bits! ……
  • wow – Just watched the seminars, Will be out to measure my horse tonight and see if his Amazone still fits. Thank you so much
  • The lectures were great, thoroughly enjoyed them!
  • Dr Robson, your lectures were inspiring to check all my saddles on my horses!
  • What to say a BIG thank you to Joanna & Peter for such fantastic clinics at Equitana this year, has been an eye opener and can’t wait to put all I learnt into practice checking my saddles when I get home :)
  • Saw Joanne & Peter, and their explanation and chalk drawings made it very clear my Kieffer saddle is not right for my horse, even before I came home and checked all the reference points on my horse and ran my fingers through the gullet. At the rear of the gullet it is down to 1 finger, how did they ever come to make them like that????? And I believe that is what they call a standard gullet they only custom to other sizes??? Now to try to save enough money to buy a new saddle!!! Thanks again for the very great explanation and insight into the reasons behind using a saddle with a tree and how to fit them.
  • Thanks for your help with the Education Peter, wonderful event glad you guys enjoyed! :-)
  • Any chance there might be online access to this or another lecture for those of us who couldn’t be there but are really interested? Maybe sometime in the future, on your website or UTube?
  • Thanks so much Peter- this is fabulous! You’ve ignited my interest..
  • Thank you for your help yesterday Peter. I can’t wait to get my new saddle!

Missed out on the Seminar? Watch it in HD below!!

Peter Horobin and Dr Joanna Robinson Saddle Fit 4 Life Demonstration from Equestrian Life Australia on Vimeo.

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