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Equitana 2011 is creeping up very quickly, and we are all very excited about the first EVER Sydney Exhibition. The Equestrian Industry is a multi billion dollar industry, and it is growing rapidly every year.

Brett Parbery and Peter Horobin

For many years now we have had a very stable clientel base in NSW and the Sydney Exhibition is definitely exciting as we can broaden our services to more parts of the country!

We were the first company to buy a stand at Equitana, back in 2000 when the industry was very careful about wanting to pay a large amount for a stand in which they had no results of success or attendance. It feels great when I bump into Fraser Bayne who was a part of the committee, who now works for the Melbourne Racing Club, he always reminds me with a cheerful greeting.

‘Mate, I will never forget! you were my first Equitana Sale! When no one else wanted to jump the gun, you always did! and then all of a sudden the whole place was fully booked!’

Equitana 2008

Since 2002 i have been lecturing as an educational speaker about saddle fittings and equine back health. Since 2008, i introduced Dr Joanna Robson to the Equitana Circuit and have learnt so much from her. Dr Robson is incredibly intelligent, well spoken, informative and experienced in the field and has lectured all over the world including Equitana in Germany, The World Cup, Vegas/Kentucky & many more.

I look forward to joining forces again this year to present our NEW & updated Saddle Fitting Lectures.

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