Welcome fellow horse lovers!

Welcome to the Peter Horobin Saddlery Blog on Saddlefitting. I myself Peter will be blogging for this site, with the aim of providing you with updated knowledge on saddlefitting, what you should look for in an incorrectly fitting saddle, and where I can help you! We get soooo frustrated at PHS when we have these poor customers who have saddles that have been sold to them that do not fit correctly causing discomfort & pain for the horse many $$ spent and a very unhappy rider! It is my job to do everything in my power to fix this problem! we want to save you money, time and frustration by teaching you the key points to look for when purchasing a saddle.

I have been around in the saddlery industry for a long time! and i really do see all sorts of shapes and sizes, and can help, evaluate and recommend what is the best direction for you to take! Check out the ABOUT tab to see more on my expertise.

We are also very excited to introduce the online saddle fitting evaluation. We will keep you informed on this one!

I will share photos, experiences and provide you with the opportunity to give us a call, email or see me directly at horse shows or consultations, to improve the fitting of your saddle to make a happier horse & happier rider!

Please be patient with me, if you have an enquiry you need answered immediately please email saddlery@horobin.com.au, as i have saddles to make and saddlefittings to do!

Don’t forget to RSS feed, so you can have this blog straight to your inbox! Wow! exciting stuff!

Let’s start!

Have a look at our website whilst you wait for my first blog!! scan the QR reader below!

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